The founders, Kim and Wayne have been vetted and trained by social workers to be temporary safety care parents. They are authorised to care for up to 6 babies.

How do the babies arrive?

We work directly with both private and state social workers who contact us when a baby is in need of safety care.The social workers are themselves notified of babies through various channels; the police, local hospitals, crisis pregnancy centres or sometimes directly from the birth mothers. Most of the babies we receive are either abandoned or relinquished due to extreme poverty, substance abuse or rape. They arrive generally no more than a few days old and stay for an average of 6 months. Due to their difficult start in life, some babies have ailments or trauma which require special medical attention.

Who do we work with?

We work closely with the social workers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in assessing our babies physical and emotional health. Where necessary, we have had specialised paediatric biokineticists visit on site to ensure that the milestones are reached and provide therapy to correct problem areas. One of our babies who was initially placed in the special needs category (which reduces their chances of being placed) has been declared as no longer having special needs due to the therapy interventions.

Who looks after baby?

The Tiny Owls team is made up of 9 ladies.  There are two teams of three day staff and two night staff.

Our carers are all vetted via a recruitment agency and have been through a rigorous interview.  They are trained in child care and emergency medical interventions and continue to undergo on the job training.

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